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Punch & Judy Show

O'Looney's "Punch & Judy Show"

"Magic O'Looney" Magician

 Mr Cools "Muppet Show"

Three exciting family shows


Puppets & Magic Presented together:

Mr Cools Muppet & Magic Show

O'Looney's Punch & Judy and Magic Show

"That's the way to do it"

Over the years we have performed our Puppet & Magic Shows at festivals, onboard ships in theatres, hotels, Art centres to shopping centres, race courses to golf courses, parks, schools and even a castle

Its always a joy to see the excitement and wonder on the childrens faces and heart warming to hear the reaction and laughter from the children and adults alike

Watching a live puppet or magic show with the whole family as a shared experience is something young and old will remember forever

We pride ourselves on producing high quality well scripted funny and engaging shows the whole family will enjoy.

Using only the best Puppets, Muppets and Theatres set-ups & Booths to provide top quality family entertainment for any occasion

For More Information Tel: 087 286 5259 or Email: Punchnjudyshow@gmail.com